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Re: Dash - Favourites


On 02/26/2012 01:50 PM, Davor wrote:
Nobody wants to expand launcher out of the screen.
There are some apps i like to keep close, but not in launcher. They also
could not be "Most frequently used".
I don`t have control over "Most frequently used" and i like more control.

What about Favourites of Dash?

Here is how i picture that. Notice small heart at the bottom:

Everything in dash could have "add to favourites" option.
Favourites could also have lenses.

Where would this option be exposed? There currently is no right click menu for dash items, not do I think it would be a good idea to introduce one.

If one where to implement dash favorites distinct from the launcher favorites that could be done as follows:

- Write a dash "favorites lens" (or a scope for the apps lens - a full lens could potentially allow you to favorite more than just apps though) using the heart (or star?) icon. The lens will simply show a collection of apps/items as defined by a gsettings key (the launcher already does it similarly)

- Write super simple app that has the same heart icon as the lens, and put that in the launcher. Make it so that when users drag stuff unto the heart icon in the launcher, that updates the gsettings key used by the favorites lens.

This together should implement something very close to what you suggest.