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Re: HUD: tab completion is a must-have


"Express goals and intention" is what i was thinking. That's how I've been using adaptable-gimp and its task-sets prior to the hud.

Hud is not as efficient yet as the task sets for A-gimp, But would be good if people can add their own contributions to the hud knowledge base wiki for all sort of apps in the same way as the task-sets wiki (and just like people contribute to askubuntu, wikihow, etc.). That would surely make ubuntu's hud stand out from the crowd.

From: ted@xxxxxxxxxx
To: joerlend.schinstad@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2012 08:51:15 -0600
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Subject: Re: [Unity-design] HUD: tab completion is a must-have

On Mon, 2012-02-27 at 20:37 +0100, Jo-Erlend Schinstad wrote:
> This was a lot of text, and I hope you got the point. If I wanted to run 
> the tests for My guitar effects studio, I would use this phrase: "pr\t 
> my g\t te\t ru\t", which would expand to "Projects > My guitar effects 
> studio > Test tools > Run tests". This might seem more complicated than 
> simply entering "test history" and using the arrow keys to get to the 
> right project. And it would be.
First off, in general, I have no issue with tab completion.  But, what I
find odd about your post is that you have a significantly different view
of how the HUD would be used than I do.  In general, it seems that
you're using the HUD to navigate menus, where I see it as a way to
express intention of what you want to do.  So to use your example I'd
  "guit test run"
And expect to get the entry for:
  Projects > My guitar effects studio > Test Tools > Run Tests
I don't really care that it is in the "Projects" menu or that there's a
"Test tools" submenu.  In the HUD these are only providing context so
that I know "My guitar effects studio" is a project.  One could even
argue that it should even be: "Test Tools > Run" in a HUD world because
the second tests is duplicate info!
Also, you had some concern about "run tests" showing all the projects,
and then having to arrow to select a project.  I feel that this
optimization is what the usage database is for.  So you'd have to do
that once, and then "run tests" would always do what you want.
So, since it seems that posts on this thread need summaries ;-)  I don't
think tab completion is bad, I think it would be a nice feature.  I
don't believe that it is a "must-have" due to the fact that I don't see
people using the HUD to navigate menus as much as express their goals,
with some help from the usage data.

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