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Re: HUD: tab completion is a must-have


Thanks Ted!

What you express, is exactly what I want. I wouldn't want to _replace_ that with tab completion. I realize I expressed myself somewhat poorly in the original email. It's not that easy to provide a precise description of something you've never seen. :)

I have the same goal as you do. However, when I do it the way you suggest, the resulting search takes about one minute to complete. It's not a wild exaggeration. Sometimes, perhaps it's closer to 50 seconds, or even 45, but it really takes a very long time to complete, which makes it less useful. I'm sure there are improvements to be made in that area, but improving algorithms will never be as effective as limiting the amount of data you have to search to begin with – except doing both.

I was thinking more along the lines of using tab completion to complete the search and narrow when it finds the right result, and then being able to expand on it. So, I'd enter "guit", then wait for it to find "My guitar effects studio" and press tab to lock onto that result. Then, when I enter "test run", it will only search its descendants, which would speed up the search. But then you have the situations when I know the exact "title path". Why should it be necessary to perform a deep search at all?

I don't know exactly how the search works now, but I imagine it begins at the root and simply walks the tree, performing extra searches on each node. Then, if I know the exact path, I'd enter "pr" and press tab. It would only have to search the top-level menu titles in the focused window, and the names of the active indicators. The tab would indicate that I'm looking for a precise title, so searching through things like tooltips and synonyms would be unnecessary. It would very quickly find the Projects menu, complete my search phrase and stop searching. I then enter "my g" and press tab. It will only search the Projects menu and not indicators and other menus structures. I think that's what most people would expect from tab completion, so I don't think that'd disturb anything. Even when using tab completion, you should be able to skip parts of the path.

Did that make more sense? :)

Jo-Erlend Schinstad