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Re: dash, embarrassing pic and clear recent history


Em 24-04-2012 13:11, Jo-Erlend Schinstad escreveu:
Den 24. april 2012 17:13, skrev Pedro Bessa:

if I open an embarrassing picture, it will go to recent history.
Everytime somebody opens Dash, it will be there. Can we have clear
recent history?
We have that. System Settings>  Privacy. You can select certain folders
not to log, apps not to log, or not log based on the type of file you're
opening. You can choose not to log at all, or you can delete everything
that happened during a specific time period, such as the last hour, or
in a specific range.

You can also delete specific items from your activity log using Gnome
Activity Journal. Right-click and choose "Delete item from Journal"

Jo-Erlend Schinstad

thx, ppl! clearing recent history from System Settings -> Privacy worked!