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Re: design, give a suitable direction forward


Em 13-04-2012 03:00, Mark Shuttleworth escreveu:

Thanks for your carefully worded suggestion and mockup, they make it
very easy to think about your proposal.

I agree, the dangling window controls are somewhat difficult. There are
are two drivers for them:

  * keeping the menu in the same place with and without the launcher (the
window controls are left of the File menu)
  * keeping the close-in-the-corner Fitts Law (though I think there's a
bug that means we don't get this currently)

Your proposal is one option. Let's explore a few of them!


make window controls and indicators switch places

there is:
envelope, network, sound, time, me, system settings containing shutdown
there could be:
envelope, me, time, system settings containing network, sound and shutdown

put the texts close, minimize and maximize respectivelly after the icons close, minimize and maximize

with simple indicators, you can learn unity from left to right easily
with labelled window controls, you can discover the window controls easily


move the launcher to the bottom of the screen

does anybody have any other proposal?

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