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Re: Drag and Drop with Unity Launcher


On 03/05/12 09:56, frederik.nnaji@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> i think this fixes level one of the problem.
> level two is that we can't really decide anymore HOW to let the
> receiving application open the object i'm dragging "into" it.
> this thread contains much of what i'm whining about:
> https://lists.launchpad.net/unity-design/msg07341.html
> Unity broke that possibility. The main problem is, that what once used
> to be a destination window with all it's "areas", "zones" and perhaps
> even "fields" during a drag and drop operation is reduced to a simple
> launcher button, which doesn't nearly indicate  WHAT it will do upon
> release.

You are supposed to be able to get a spread of windows on hover over the
launcher icon, move to the right window, then have it zoom in so you can
drop on it.


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