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Re: design, give a suitable direction forward


Em 14-04-2012 07:39, Carl Ansell escreveu:
On 14/04/12 04:11, Ryan Gauger wrote:
Now, I still don't know why we just couldn't put Intellehide back in as an option in CCSM...

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On Apr 13, 2012, at 9:27 PM, "balint777@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:balint777@xxxxxxxxx>" <balint777@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:balint777@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

That would seem to solve this issue. Otherwise I'm struggling to see a logical way forward, apart from leaving it as it is.
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Don't leave it as is. It looks weird.

Close is an important button. Dash is an important icon. What if we create a dash-in-the-corner Fitt's law?

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