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Re: possibility to use QT


On 11/06/2012 03:43 PM, a.grandi@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> They completly ignored Gnome Online Account to implement
> Ubuntu Online Account etc... this is going to the direction where
> Unity will be completly different from Gnome/GTK codebase someday.

I need to correct this: it's the other way round: before GNOME Online
Accounts existed, I offered [0] the GNOME project to help porting the
MeeGo Accounts&SSO framework to GNOME.
Later on, when (in Canonical) we were evaluating which solution to use,
we considered both the MeeGo one and GNOME Online Accounts. Since the
latter didn't offer the functionality we needed, and would never offer
it [1], we reused the MeeGo solution.

At least in this case, Ubuntu is not to be blamed. :-)