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Tablet stuff (was: possibility to use QT)


On 6.11.12 16:04 , Mohamed Ikbel Boulabiar wrote:
On Tue, Nov 6, 2012 at 2:43 PM, a.grandi@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:a.grandi@xxxxxxxxx> <a.grandi@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:a.grandi@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    What I cannot understand is how they're going to use Unity on tablet.
    Unity makes no sense on tablet, or better: the UI does, but the rest

The top bar isn't tablet friendly, it needs to be redesigned to be used in tablets.
But I have seen it redesigned in ubuntuTV.
Top bars could well be usable enough on tablets if menus & items are large enough for fingers. Menu bar on top is a clear usability item in tablet use case. Note that this "large enough" widgets, icons & text stuff relates to these "retina" high DPI displays, toolkit wise.

    What I mean: it's useless to have a tablet interface if you're
    executing applications that were made with desktop in mind. How can
    you use Evolution, Firefox, Gwibber etc... that are currently
    available in Ubuntu Desktop, on a tablet? You can "run" them, but you
    surely cannot use them. (run and use are pretty different things!).

These applications can be reused, but only if you completely ignore their default interface and provide a new one by your own. Unity is being developed in this direction and now you're able to search inside an application menu and execute commands. As they have managed to search commands, they are able to provide new ubuntu's UIs for each one and the application will serve only as a executing canvas. What is needed to be modified inside each application is the export of their internal methods, and the ability to hide all tool bars, then a lot of design and mapping effort.
(which can't be easy done without a new dynamic mapper framework)

I disagree on mandatory new interface stuff. Many apps, like browsers can be reasonably utilized with just "leaned down" toolbars and big enough menus. Gestures should naturally be utilized as a UI key feature. Major concerns to be addressed asap are IMHO usable on screen keyboard and tappable multitouch screen without current X core pointer issues.

I'm very worried that this kind of thinking leads to segregation -- Ubuntu Desktop vs. Ubuntu Tablet. Both with a different set of apps.

At least for me, a major incentive for Ubuntu Tablet idea is the ability to use existing applications. (This works so badly with Win8!) Maybe we could do here something different and innovative, I don't think we should be an "iPad/Apple follower" or something like that.

I think we should create an "Approved for tablet" application scheme, which would make sure that app would play nice with UI, support multitouch gestures, on screen kb & stuff. Like a guideline that a certain set of APIs/toolkits must be correctly utilized, and app tested for usability with tablets. "Golden penguin" given to apps that have a specific tablet mode.:)

Lets fork this discussion a bit, unity strategy vs tablet tech. Lets continue on ubuntu-tablet with more technical tablet side stuff..