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Re: EOG - Display Google Photosphere


On 4 November 2012 11:17, Thibaut Brandscheid <randaltor@xxxxxx> wrote:
> Its related to Ubuntu (Unity) in the way that there is a good chance
> that we will see this kind of images in future a lot (Android has
> millions of users) and it would be nice if Ubuntu could support that
> media type sooner than later.
> Imagine you connect your phone to your PC and can't view all images...

But you can view the image since it's just a standard panoramic photo,
only wider. (On the image you posted, click Options>Download full

The only extra integration desirable I see is for a photo app to
recognize that it's a 360° image and have some way to wrap it around.
The appropriate place to request that feature is to your photo app's
developers (on a mailing list or bug tracker, etc.). That doesn't
sound like a feature for core Unity (like in Dash previews), at least
not until it's included in core photo apps.