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Re: Rendering of appmenus in Unity


If we were to do this, the title would need be moved over so the menu
doesn't overlap the launcher. Then something needs to go into that corner.
Window controls would be a bit confusing when not connected to any specific
application visually. Moving the menu into the app is a no go because HUD
won't work. LIM never got anywhere (thank-you) which again, wouldn't help
HUD adoption.

This has been discussed previously with no real solution implemented. Nor,
if I can remember, an outward confirmation of what Canonical intends. I'm
of the personal belief that this stands to show that Ubuntu needs default
apps more in line with its vision instead of GNOME apps that grow
increasingly divergent. But, again, this sentiment is not outwardly shared
by Canonical.

I don't mean to seem a drag, but the menu bar and, tangentially,
first-party (at least) designed applications, and all things that feed into
that (like an HIG) have been things I've been trying to get attention on
for quite some time to no avail. Every path has been discussed, weighed,
abandoned. It would really be nice to finally get some closure on some of
these lingering issues, but all we can hope for is that Canonical has
something up their sleeves to make up for the silence on those subjects
(Woo, skunkworks?)

On Thu, Nov 29, 2012 at 11:57 AM, Valentin <valentin.stn@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> You're right. The actual implementation isn't very nice. I also think that
> the best solution would be to make the application title clickable.
> 2012/11/11 Conscious User <conscioususer@xxxxxxxxx>
>> Hi,
>> I suppose everyone here is aware that GNOME apps
>> are all being ported to GMenu:
>> https://live.gnome.org/**GnomeGoals/PortToGMenu<https://live.gnome.org/GnomeGoals/PortToGMenu>
>> Since the vast majority of those applications are
>> being considered too simple to use a full-fledged
>> menubar, most are using an appmenu to integrate
>> well with GNOME-Shell.
>> The problem is that appmenu integration in Unity
>> is not very elegant, as it results in two copies
>> of the app title appearing side by side on the
>> menubar. In Quantal, the most prominent example
>> of this is Empathy.
>> I think the currently rendering method must be
>> rethought, as from now on this will be noticed
>> in more and more apps. One suggestion is making
>> the menubar title clickable, ala OSX. Another
>> one is moving the appmenu to a quicklist.
>> Thoughts?
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