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Re: webapps and the sound menu


My understanding of "proper" webapps is that the implementation we
> ended up with in Ubuntu 12.10 was pretty poor and was shipped
> incomplete. Webapps should be standalone apps without the extra
> browser chrome so that they look and feel rather similar to native
> apps. In other words it shouldn't be possible to have several
> different tabs open in a single webapp.
> I think the sound menu or launcher integration, etc. should only work
> with the standalone webapps and not if a user happens to have
> amazon.com or YouTube open in their regular Firefox browser.
I don't agree with that, the reason I like webapps is because my firefox
browser tabs with webapps ARE handled
as separate applications (separate launcher items, own icon in window
switcher, indicators integration).
I don't like having lots of windows open, and most of the times only
opening my browser is enough for me to start youtube (sound menu), check my
mails(messaging menu),
notifications from social networks (messaging menu), without any other
interaction. If integration would only work with standalone webapps, that
would mean for me that I have to
start my browser for daily usage, gmail, greader, youtube, facebook,
twitter, etc, which would mean at least 5-6 more applications to start than
it is now.
So even if it is decided to integrate only standalone webapps (in sound
menu, messaging menu, etc)
 please at least keep an option to integrate the existing browser tabs.