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Re: webapps and the sound menu


On 12/13/2012 01:27 AM, Jeremy Bicha wrote:
> My understanding of "proper" webapps is that the implementation we
> ended up with in Ubuntu 12.10 was pretty poor and was shipped
> incomplete. Webapps should be standalone apps without the extra
> browser chrome so that they look and feel rather similar to native
> apps. In other words it shouldn't be possible to have several
> different tabs open in a single webapp. I think the sound menu or
> launcher integration, etc. should only work with the standalone
> webapps and not if a user happens to have amazon.com or YouTube open
> in their regular Firefox browser. The sound menu obviously shouldn't
> break if a user wants to have 15 separate YouTube windows open but it
> doesn't seem like something that would happen very often. Jeremy 

Let me clarify this for you, as your understanding is incorrect.

Like any software, webapps will always be incomplete. The implementation
of the integration was not poor (at least I don't like to think so), but
there were features that got de-scoped for 12.10. Chromeless browsing in
Firefox was one item. There is a chromeless mode for Chromium, it exists
in 12.10. Chromeless mode does not, however, prevent you from having
multiple tabs. You could have 10 instances of Facebook, or YouTube in
one of these chromeless browser windows. Chromeless mode is accessed
when you have a launcher icon and launch a new instance of a webapp from
it. Integration should always work from the browser though, how else
would you find that a webapp exists?


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