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Re: webapps and the sound menu


On 13 December 2012 09:57, Alex Launi <alex.launi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Like any software, webapps will always be incomplete. The implementation
> of the integration was not poor (at least I don't like to think so), but
> there were features that got de-scoped for 12.10. Chromeless browsing in
> Firefox was one item. There is a chromeless mode for Chromium, it exists
> in 12.10. Chromeless mode does not, however, prevent you from having
> multiple tabs. You could have 10 instances of Facebook, or YouTube in
> one of these chromeless browser windows. Chromeless mode is accessed
> when you have a launcher icon and launch a new instance of a webapp from
> it. Integration should always work from the browser though, how else
> would you find that a webapp exists?

I think that Firefox or Chromium should prompt for installing webapps
like it does.

Without chromeless mode, I (as a user) see webapps as being just fancy
bookmarks that may also have notification or indicator support. I
think chromeless mode *should* prevent you from opening multiple tabs
because a standalone webapp is not a full-featured web browser (that's
just the backend, an implementation detail). Links to external domains
(not white-listed in the particular webapp config) should open in your
regular web browser because a webapp should act like a native app as
much as possible.

For me, proper chromeless mode is an essential part of webapps so
that's why I was disappointed with 12.10's implementation (I don't
mean to hurt the feelings of those who spent months working on the
feature; I expected that that feature would instead land in 13.04).


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