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The Software Updater should show just the source package to update


Hi all !
Firstly, thank you ! I realy like want you do with Unity !

I don't know if it's the right place to talk about this. So I'm apologize
if I do a misstake.

My suggestion is about a disorder for me (a pretty geek), and I think it is
more important for a casual user.

When the software manager have update, it show all packages to update. So
if we have source package with lot of packages, we get a long list to
When I see that, my reaction is: "OMG, 51 updates ! I did an update last
week, my systeme is break ? I've failure in my systeme ? And what this
package ? I don't know why I should update this package!"
Okay, exaggerate, but not so much.

My question/suggestion is: Why the software updater don't show just the
source package (application) to update ?

I think it's more suitable to assemble package with there source package.
The number of update will be smaller (one trouble less) and we will can see
easly what app have update (twice less).
If we want see what packages are update, we click on an application, all
package for this application will be displayed.

I have a pretty (irony..) mockup for illustrate that:

Of course I don't know if this is "the solution", is just a suggestion :p
Thank for reading my bad english and feedback are welcome.

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