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Re: The Software Updater should show just the source package to update


I really like this. It simplifies things for most users, whilst allowing
people who want more detail to expand the category easily.
A few minor additions:
 - An arrow next to expandable items to indicate that more details are
 - Expandable results should be shown as: Application Name (X Packages,
Total: Y kb)  in your example this would be Gwibber (9 packages, Total:
158 kb)
 - Where some of the sub-selections for the main application are
deselected, the check box for the application should use the default [-]

Brilliant idea though

On 13/12/12 21:40, Éric Ziglioli wrote:
> Hi all !
> Firstly, thank you ! I realy like want you do with Unity !
> I don't know if it's the right place to talk about this. So I'm
> apologize if I do a misstake.
> So,
> My suggestion is about a disorder for me (a pretty geek), and I think
> it is more important for a casual user.
> When the software manager have update, it show all packages to update.
> So if we have source package with lot of packages, we get a long list
> to update...
> When I see that, my reaction is: "OMG, 51 updates ! I did an update
> last week, my systeme is break ? I've failure in my systeme ? And what
> this package ? I don't know why I should update this package!"
> Okay, exaggerate, but not so much.
> My question/suggestion is: Why the software updater don't show just
> the source package (application) to update ?
> I think it's more suitable to assemble package with there source
> package. The number of update will be smaller (one trouble less) and
> we will can see easly what app have update (twice less).
> If we want see what packages are update, we click on an application,
> all package for this application will be displayed.
> I have a pretty (irony..) mockup for illustrate that:
> http://ubuntuone.com/5GNRaFJhtdxcxVVXuhzRCU
> Of course I don't know if this is "the solution", is just a suggestion :p
> Thank for reading my bad english and feedback are welcome.