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Re: Kill The Sort-By Button


First a few notes :
1. The feature in question is very old ,and a lot of people have their way around it . 2. Inheriting the info from 1. -> I'm not quite sure how many people (old as they may be) have a problem with the feature. What is our representative sample ?

I'm having these thoughts because there are two choices :
1.Leave everything pretty much like it is now (and the thing that MPT mentioned about highlighting is not far from this category because Nautilus currently highlights (or lets say at least outlines) the category that we've clicked to sort by) . 2.Make a drastic change (like my idea for a context menu on a click over the columns with "Sort by" and "Columns") .

I don't think anyone can tell which is better before there's a clearer idea how many people have problems with the feature , so we don't end up backtracking .


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