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Re: end user ajustable Global menu Blacklist


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>Chad, I'm not sure what you want to accomplish with this thread. This comment from Mark:


>clearly shows that the problem is not IF, it's WHEN.

Just Purposing a fix for a key usability issue with unity on desktop computers. (last I checked the point of this mailing list.) And this is a Usability and ergonomics issue that is beyond a paper cut it’s a bloody missing limb and, why it is not a priority just boggles my mind.  This one strange behavior takes using what is otherwise a nice desktop and turns it into a vacation on the shores of the lovely river Styx.

This blacklist obviously exists in unity Eclipse is on it. It would be easy to make this Blacklist an editable planetext file (As it should be anyway in a Unix-like system) 

Believe me I would gladly dig into this problem myself but, I leave in march for Basic Combat and, if you are thinking thati should have started sooner I would have sooner but there was a fix in Unity revamped but changes were maid to unity mainline that broke Revamp's always on feature. lastly if I put the effort into this fix there is no guarantee that it would be added to the mainline and I DEFFINTLY do not have the time to personally maintain a patched branch of unity.

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