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Re: How do the brand style guidelines relate to the desktop?


On 04/14/2013 11:21 AM, Jonathan Meek wrote:
> I've seen devs in passing mention full convergence planned for 14.10
> but others seem to know nothing about that and we don't know what
> convergence means in that case. Does it mean phone integrated/one
> image to rule them all? Does it include bringing the desktop up to the
> design level of phones? Does it just mean all the components will be
> in place? Will we still be using GTK?
> And the big, big question: are we going to keep upheaving all the work
> for a new thing every few years or are we going to stick with
> Qt/Mir/Suru/etc. and continue to improve them over time?

I think Qt and Mir are solid foundations for years to come. From a
design point of view, what you see in Ubuntu Touch is our state of the
art and I would like to see it across all form factors as fast as
possible. There will of course be new challenges in future: 3D,
non-touch gesture etc. But for all flat screen interaction, what you see
in Touch is the story we want across the whole range.


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