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Re: How do the brand style guidelines relate to the desktop?


Does this mean we will be getting desktop design outlook in the near future
or should we be waiting patiently and experimenting while the toolkit is
hammered down on the mobile front/web front first?

I've heard that the apps will be given a desktop form factor as well and I
assume the same toolkit will be adapted for desktop? Will the designs be
adapted as well? Or will this just be running an app designed for mobile on
a desktop?

Don't get me wrong, i don't want to jump the gun, I'm simply curious. I
know what limited resources there are and want to see touch proliferate,
but I want to see the desktop modernized in concert with that if possible.
We've heard a lot of plans for mobile and can place that timeline while
news about the desktop design is hidden in inaccessible Google Docs (Grr
every time I try to check those and get that "access denied") and vague
context clues from bug reports.

I've seen devs in passing mention full convergence planned for 14.10 but
others seem to know nothing about that and we don't know what convergence
means in that case. Does it mean phone integrated/one image to rule them
all? Does it include bringing the desktop up to the design level of phones?
Does it just mean all the components will be in place? Will we still be
using GTK?

And the big, big question: are we going to keep upheaving all the work for
a new thing every few years or are we going to stick with Qt/Mir/Suru/etc.
and continue to improve them over time?

On Sun, Oct 28, 2012 at 5:43 AM, Mark Shuttleworth <mark@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> HI Alan
> Alejandra, cc'd, is returning from maternity leave shortly to lead web
> app design at Canonical. That will include bringing a HIG & CSS to bear
> for apps which want to look like Ubuntu web apps (though of course our
> web app framework extends to apps that follow their site guidelines too).
> I'm sure Alejandra would like to have a joint community/Canonical
> perspective throughout, so you and others are welcome to chat with her
> (I'm hoping her email address has been reactivated already...)
> Ivo Weevers, cc'd, leads design broadly at Canonical and will definitely
> be at UDS in Copenhagen if you'd like to chat then.
> Mark
> On 27/10/12 23:06, Alan Bell wrote:
> > In my previous mail I stated that we don't have a style guide, this is
> > plainly incorrect as we do have http://design.ubuntu.com featuring
> > lots of information on style for communication pieces and web based
> > stuff. Looking through it though I can't see that it is a style I
> > would want to apply to a web application, and if I did, it wouldn't
> > really look like a seamless part of the desktop.
> > On the desktop we have the chameleon coloured launcher, with the
> > buttons with particular shading, we have the top panel with a
> > particular grey colour, we have windows with round corners at the top
> > and square corners at the botom, with a shadow, the top bar is the
> > same dark grey as the top panel. The HUD and dash have white text on
> > the cameleon background and a fat grey border with a shadow (none of
> > our shadows match by the way) None of this appears to be in the design
> > guide, and if I do put together a website that matches the design
> > guides perfectly it still doesn't really look like it natively belongs
> > on the desktop.
> >
> > I am not quite sure how to deal with this, perhaps we should be trying
> > to use dots on the desktop somewhere (perhaps window status bars
> > should have tight enterprise dots on them or something) and pick out
> > more of the colour palette in the launcher and panel. Having the
> > chameleon colour and window title/panel colour exposed into the
> > browser through webapp integration would be helpful.
> >
> > Alan.
> >
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