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Re: Let's talk about sorting arrows


Am Fri, 21 Feb 2014 13:14:39 -0300
schrieb "Alejandro J. Cura" <alejandro.cura@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> I like the one about "A..Z" and "Z..A" for alpha, "1..9" and "9..1"
> for numeric, "1..12" and "12..1" for dates.

Hints like that would be nice. But from a programmers point of view I
see quite some problems, like localisation issues or columns containing
symbols or colors that are sorted in some arbitrary order.

So likely we would end up with some columns having this sort of
hints but others just having triangles, and maybe some hints that only
work for a some languages or cultures.

And I think this kind of inconsistencies are a bad thing to have in a
user interface and should be avoided if possible.

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