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Re: [Webapps-team] Incremental Specs or Google site


One of the advantages of using Google Sites is that anybody can subscribe to page (or whole site) changes, and every time any change is made all subscribers will receive an email containing the diff. With google docs automatic emails are only generated from comments.

The other advantage of using Google Sites is that it has a left hand navigation. This allows each page to be much shorter, and makes the spec more navigable. We know from experience that long specifications don't get read...

Perhaps there could be a single google site for web apps, and a sub-section dedicated to each release that only contains the required delta???


On 06/08/12 14:49, Alvaro Lopez Ortega wrote:
On 08/06/2012 03:34 PM, Christian Giordano wrote:
Hi guys, I was going to create a new delta spec document for the work for R (13.04). But I think the ideal process would be to have a Google site and maintaining it.

Any opinions?

I believe it'd be easier to handle an independent document for each release. In my opinion, features and improvements would be easier to find and track.

The document of ${current+1} could be bootstrapped with the de-scoped features from ${current} in case they are still aligned with the targets of the cycle.

In this case, it looks like 13.04 will have an special focus on mobile technologies that haven't been introduced in WebApps yet. Thus the suggestion of an independent doc. Besides, we wouldn't lose the ability of having discussion on the spec (comments in the document) if we used a Google website.


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