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Chromium status


Hi all!

Here is a small status of the chromium side of the project:

- the extension is up to date & contains all latest changes (I bypassed
CI and pushed to trunk, there are still weird issues w/ CI, AFAIK Victor
is working on it (thx!)),

- the extension's version has been bumped to 1.9.3 & uploaded to ppa's
for Q and P,

- besides bugs & latest design addition from last week (mostly regarding
the webapps preferences, isolation of profile, etc.) we are pretty much
feature complete,

- Ken: I still haven't had the time to cleanup my translation "fixes", I
wasn't really satisfied w/ the fixes, will do it when I come back,

- Robert: for the packaging stuff, in chromium, things related to
retrieving the scripts that apply for a given url happen in
background-page.js; as for the NPAPI bindings themselves (if needed)
they are in npapi-plugin & npapi-binding.c (along w/ the dispatcher file
that lists all that is exposed to JS),

I will be abroad (Portugal) so my internet connection will be so-so &
intermittent, I will check my emails when I can,


Alexandre Abreu
Software developer
alexandre.abreu at canonical.com