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Re: Progress on default applications


On 12-09-05 03:07 PM, Robert Carr wrote:
> Quick brain dump on this topic before I go off for lunch :)
> Alexandre is tracking a lead from Didier in to the Unity migrations
> system, should handle pinning the icons for upgrading users without
> any Unity code changes.
I have something that I am trying to test, I branched the packaging
branch of webapps-applications
I am missing something somewhere though (probably when building the deb)
since I don't see my session-migration script being installed in
/usr/share/session-migration/scripts ... I don't see any dh_migration
hook being run part of the debian package build, might be it,

I will try to clear that up a bit later, and see w/ Didier if I cannot
see through it,

Alexandre Abreu
Software developer
alexandre.abreu at canonical.com