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Re: [Merge] lp:~widelands-dev/widelands/safeguard-multiplayer-messages into lp:widelands



Neither do your sentences sound to hard nor rude. :-) Please let me explain why I think the changes are necessary for build_20.

send_message() from messages.lua is also used in mp_scenarios and some other win_conditions. We could either change the method calls there as well and change them back for build_21, or we fix it now.

We have a hodgepodge methods we use for sending messages ATM. It would be sensible to unify them, and use the same method for the same kind of message.

We shouldn't forget that the win_conditions are also used in single player and there it is absolutely okay to wait for a message to pop-up. The changes we did in the other branch were a hot-fix, specifically for multiplayer. But being able to distinguish between single- and multiplayer, and making this method multiplayer-aware is the way to go IMHO.

I don't think that this change interferes with the feature freeze. We could have searched through all the lua files and locate where the aforementioned method is used (there are still many left) and replace it with something like this: "player:send_message(HEADER, BODY)". But after the release of build_20, we then would have to revert all back to use the method from messages.lua.

@GunChleoc & @kaputtnik

I changed the documentation as well.

The changes in win_condition_functions just restore the old behaviour; using the method from messages.lua.

I hope my explanations sound sensible.
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