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Re: [Merge] lp:~widelands-dev/widelands/failed_skipped_10s into lp:widelands


Barbarians mines are not affected I think.

Basically the change of order is definitely necessary for all buildings with multiple outputs and different inputs needed for the outputs (best example atlantean or frisian toolsmithy).

It can be adopted (which I prefer) for buildings with multiple outputs and high sleep times (e.g. crystal mine). 
It is not necessary for buildings with leading sleep times of less then 10 secs as these would been masked by the code now.
Furthermore it is not necessary for buildings with only one output as the effect of wasted time if undersupplied would been averaged over time. 

That was the basis for my suggestion above. 

I'd like to keep the sleep times around at least of one third to one half of the total time as it looks more natural if a building isn't busy all the time. 
Having only working animations would make the screen a bit unquiet I am afraid.
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