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Re: [Merge] lp:~widelands-dev/widelands/failed_skipped_10s into lp:widelands


Did some thinking :D

> It is not necessary for buildings with leading sleep times of less then 10
> secs as these would been masked by the code now.

> Furthermore it is not necessary for buildings with only one output as the
> effect of wasted time if undersupplied would been averaged over time.

But now in all programs that have a sleep before consume and/or skipped it will always be 10s plus sleep. E.g. the barbarian's baker has a sleep of 30 seconds before consume. Every fail would now result in 10s + 30s before for the next execution. 

Even if the time would be 1 second it would now always be 10s + 1s, the first sleep never gets masked but added.

That's why I would like to have skipped the first, consume the second and sleep the third call in every program. Generally, having a sleep before consume would be a time penalty, regardless of the length.

Having every program like this would also have the benefit, that the program flow itself would be unified. A program skipped or failed means, it starts 10 second later before it would fail or skip again. Otherwise, it would be 10s plus whatever sleep time we have before consume/skip. The sleep times then would be part of a completed cycle and not a failed or skipped.

Does this sound reasonable?

> That was the basis for my suggestion above.
> I'd like to keep the sleep times around at least of one third to one half of
> the total time as it looks more natural if a building isn't busy all the time.
> Having only working animations would make the screen a bit unquiet I am
> afraid.

Sounds sensible. 
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