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I Ain't Dead!


Alrighty, boys and girls.

Sorry for my absence, but I've been trying my best to get the Parables of
Wintermute finished for this December. I've been writing all day, every day,
for the last few days. I am completely spent in mind and body. I am
practically burning midnight oil just to get this message out to you
wonderful guys and gals.
I am pleased to report that I done 90 pages of work. I'm almost halfway
bloody there! (My goal is 200 at least!)
So, if you'll all hang on with me, people, I'll be happy to deal with any
questions, queries, worries, personal business or extremely large sums of
money you need to get off your chest, so to speak :P
In other words; I ain't dead!

Now, Jacky and developers; dears, if you have any questions, or concerns, or
suddenly remembered you have a small armarda of people wanting to get their
teeth into an A.I project send them to me. Seriously; the more we talk, the
more I have to think about, the better quality this book will be.

Robo-Psych! Don't worry, I haven't forgotten you. I have a rather special
task for all of you; I would love your input on dealing with conversational
agents and the psychological effects they have on people (impressions of
happiness, counselling roles, etc). So, if you could all (and I mean, all!)
work with me on talking through a few issues, I'd be most obliged. Email
would be preferred, as I have a bad habit of loosing IRC/IM logs.

Phill, admins and web-devs!! I'd like to know what's the story behind our
website and how things are ticking over, my friends!

your humble, sadistic despot,