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Re: current status? roadmap? how can i help?


Hey Kyōken,

Any help you can provide will be most welcome... I will try and answer
your questions below:

On Sun, 2010-11-14 at 09:42 -0500, Kyōken:
> I just got a Monoprice-branded WP8060U tablet, and got it
> basically working on a debian-testing system using the
> precompiled 0.7.3-1 deb from doctormo's ppa(**).  I'd like
> to help get it to the fully hotplugging it-just-works
> state.

Glad the ppa was helpful.

>   o What's the state of the tablet<->X guts (the actual
>     'driver' that knows how to talk to the tablet)?
>     Solid?  Known bugs?  Missing features?

The code for this driver is in launchpad, bugs are here:


Trunk code:


If you make some modifications, then please do make a merge request so I
can fix trunk and then redo the ppa packages.

>   o What's the state of the glue code?  E.g. hotplugging?
>     I saw a mention of moving the driver from xorg's userspace
>     into a kernelspace input driver?  (True?)

There is a new kernel driver which hotplugs into the wacom user space,
so there is no need for this driver once it's complete. It's based on
the wal code.

>   o What is the state of the head/trunk of the bzr source tree?

It's waiting for programmers.

Best Regards, Martin Owens

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