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Re: current status? roadmap? how can i help?


On 11/14/10 15:28, Martin Owens wrote:
Hey Kyōken,

Any help you can provide will be most welcome... I will try and answer
your questions below:

I've been doing background research the last couple of weeks (not full time :).
The gist of my enlightenment:
 o HAL is dead;
 o udev is the preferred device management paradigm (on linux);
 o kernel drivers provide linux 'input' devices;
 o xorg userspace drivers connect to those devices and do X stuff;
 o xorg.conf.d and InputClass sections handle input device configuration
   (after discovery via udev).

Some more wizardpen questions below:

On Sun, 2010-11-14 at 09:42 -0500, Kyōken:
The code for this driver is in launchpad, bugs are here:


Trunk code:

   o What's the state of the glue code?  E.g. hotplugging?
     I saw a mention of moving the driver from xorg's userspace
     into a kernelspace input driver?  (True?)

There is a new kernel driver which hotplugs into the wacom user space,
so there is no need for this driver once it's complete. It's based on
the wal code.

Where is the code for the new kernel driver?  (wizardpen/trunk's src
looks to be the same as 0.7.4's.)

Why plug into the xserver-xorg-input-wacom driver?  I got the impression
that the vanilla evdev driver was capable of handling simple, single-tool
tablets.  Conversely, I got the impression
 o Are there features of the wizardpen tablets that are not handled
    by the vanilla evdev input handling?
 o Will the wacom driver(s) developers/maintainers know/care that another
    kernel driver is going to use their protocol (and thus have a dependency
    on it)?

What is "the wal code"?


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