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Fixing the examples



I did small or cosmetic fixes in 17 examples.
Currently 21% of examples (46 out of 215) are broken.

I tried every example in a very quick manner. I checked if it has any
explanations inside the comments, then I tried to just run it.
It is possible that some of them failed only because they need a bit
fiddling before starting them. In that case we need to explain the
fiddling inside the file, in comments. And tell me what is the fiddling to do!

If you have any hints on how to fix any of those examples, please tell!

 : SIGSEGV/SIGABRT handler called;
 : gdb [with T = IGeomFunctor; typename boost::detail::sp_member_access<T>::type = IGeomFunctor*]: Assertion `px != 0' failed.

DeformEngine/LOedometricDeform.py and OedometricDeform.py
 : NameError: name 'DeformControl' is not defined

 : ImportError: No module named esys.escript
 I am reading https://launchpad.net/escript-finley to fix this.

 : line:49 ValueError: operands could not be broadcast together with shapes (900,) (901,) (900,)

LudingPM/LudingPM_1.py and LudingPM_2.py
 : NewtonIntegrator: NaN force acting on #0.

PotentialBlocks/WedgeYADE.py and cubePBscaled.py
PotentialParticles/basic.py and cubePPscaled.py
 : NameError: name 'PotentialBlock2AABB' is not defined
 I will recompile with ENABLE_POTENTIAL_BLOCKS=ON and see if they work.

 : AttributeError: 'Body' object has no attribute 'agglomerate'

 : NameError: name 'LiqControl' is not defined
 I will recompile with LIQMIGRATION  and see if it works.

 : SIGSEGV/SIGABRT handler called; gdb
 : Assertion `member->isClumpMember()' failed.

 : the graphs are empty

 : I suppose this file is here by mistake ?

jointedCohesiveFrictionalPM/packInGtsSurface.py and all other files
 : spams terminal with messages: UnbalancedForce=-nan, rel stress nan

 : MortarMat.cpp:12 go: MortarMat not implemented for non-cohesive contacts

 : KeyError: 'Invalid key: description.'

sph/dam_break.py and all other files there
 : AttributeError: No such attribute: KernFunctionPressure.
 I will recompile with SPH and see if they work.

 : UniaxialStrainer::action(): Assertion `posIds.size()==posCoords.size() && negIds.size()==negCoords.size() && originalLength>0 && crossSectionArea>0' failed.
 : SIGSEGV/SIGABRT handler called; gdb

 : KeyError: 'Invalid key: description.'

test/exact-rot-facet.py and exact-rot.py
 : [with T = IGeomFunctor; typename boost::detail::sp_member_access<T>::type = IGeomFunctor*]: Assertion `px != 0' failed.
 : SIGSEGV/SIGABRT handler called; gdb

 : InsertGenerator3D::seedParticles
 : bbx: -15 -15 -15 - 15 15 215
 : SIGSEGV/SIGABRT handler called; gdb batch file is

 : script runs and is not crashing, but nothing happens

 : nothing happens, scene is empty

 yade export_text.py
 apt install paraview-python
 python pv_section.py
 : Traceback (most recent call last):
 : File "pv_section.py", line 29, in <module>
 :   RenderView1.UseInteractiveRenderingForSceenshots = 0
 : File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/paraview/servermanager.py", line 307, in __setattr__
 :   "to add this attribute.")
 : AttributeError: Attribute UseInteractiveRenderingForSceenshots does not exist.  This class does not allow addition of new attributes to avoid mistakes due to typos. Use add_attribute() if you really want to add this attribute.

 : the scene is empty, apparently makeCloud didn't do anything. Or I would have to wait longer.

test/qt4-attributes.py and qt4-pyqglviewer.py
 : Error: already imported an Incompatible QT Binding: pyqt5
 I will try to convert this to qt5

 : AttributeError: No such attribute: nBins

 : sp_member_access<T>::type = IGeomFunctor*: Assertion `px != 0' failed
 : SIGSEGV/SIGABRT handler called; gdb

 : After collision there is error: InteractionLoop::action(): Assertion `!swap' failed.
 : SIGSEGV/SIGABRT handler called; gdb

 : TypeError: facet() got an unexpected keyword argument 'returnElementMap'

 : AttributeError: No such attribute: sigma1

Also I see that https://yade-dem.org/doc/tutorial-examples.html looks
very strange - the youtube videos are not shown. There is no comments
or explanations. Even the extra wiki pages like those which I
stumbled upon:


are not mentioned at all.

I am not sure how to fix the youtube links, but perhaps I will add
some more content to this page.

What do you think about copying whose wiki pages into yade-dem.org/doc/tutorial-examples.html ?

Janek Kozicki

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