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A suggestion/contribution regarding bug of Yade-users #694548


Hi 😊️

It has been a long time…

I have come accross thread #694548 on the "Yade-users" mailing list (from January 2021), which concerned unphysical collisions between PFacets (the dynamics of the rebound does not correspond to what one's physical/common sense would expect).

I wanted to share that I encountered a very similar issue but with gridConnection objects (I work with cylinders), and that I found a solution. The latter should be easily extendible both to PFacet/PFacet and PFacet/gridConnection collisions (although I only tested gridConnection/gridConnection collisions). I am not sure how elegant or computationally efficient it is, but it has given me good results on the (very few) simulations I have tested it on.

I initially wanted to test my solution on full-scale simulations before submiting it to the Yade code base, so as to present a code that is robust and mature. But as it has been almost a full year since then (the company I work for gave me assignments other than DEM), I feel that perhaps I should reach out for other ways to share this information…

This implies that although I am quite confident of my fix, I am not 100% certain either…

Perhaps a first step would be for me to present what I have found, and how my fix works? I am not sure as to where to present it: This mailing list? Thread #694548? You tell me 😉️


PS: I have started to re-implement my solution in yade e07e530 (26 Nov 2020) (my previous implementation was based on yade 1b4ae97 (8 Feb 2020)). Hopefully the work I do on e07e530 will not be difficult to port to the latest yade versions… (It seems the yade project started using clang-format (or similar tool) sometime between e07e530 and 1b4ae97 so `diff` outputs half the file: not very helpful… 😆️)

PS2: Could thread #695558 be also concerned by this same uncorrect physical behavior?

PS3: I hope that I am not colliding with Bruno's work on the subject (according to Bruno's e-mail of Tue, 12 Jan 2021 07:50:51)

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