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Re: Coordination of next week


Hi François,

On Mon, 6 May 2019 at 18:25, François <batzkass@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Bruno, about python vs C++, must I keep a full control under python (intrs
> find, calls with list of bodies to exchange, etc...) or a basic python
> trigger is enough (sthg like find_intrs(), exchange_bodies() ) ?

There is no need to keep full control under python, no.
However I feel that the first problems are purely algorithmic and they
don't need any new c++ function. If you want to debug easily it it's
probably better to use only low-level functions in C++ for the moment.
For instance a function which passes one body to a worker and insert it in
the right place together with interactions is probably just a few lines of
When the entire thing works that function can be turned into a trigger,
then you use that trigger in another higher-level python function (which
will select what to pass based on intersections), which when it works is
turned into C++, and so on, recursively.
If you don't erase the python versions of each function it will lead to two
concurrent implementations in C++ and Python, which will be useful in the
long run.

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