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Re: help compiling


Hi Janek,

yes, of course, my question was hard to address. I
should mention that we are using PFC2d right now for
geodynamic problems, and are looking into 3d. So I 
am familiar with DEM, an concepts such as shear and
normal contact stiffness, walls and friction, or
particle bonding and bond breaking. The most similar
model for us to start expanding on would
be the "spheres settling on a plane" model. For
example we would like to explore sand which very
slowly piles up in front of a moving vertical wall.
In particular we would interest in the formation
of cracks and faults in the sand structure.

As a practical matter, one element which would be
essential would be the option to save the state of
a simulation, modify or add/substract elements and
then restart. I suppose this would be
serialization/deserialization in the yade language ?

Does the DEM allow for bonding and bond breaking
between elements currently ?

In the end, I would like to use other tools in
addition to the FileGenerators to generate input files
to the actual simulator and also be able to look at
the state of the model with other tools at any stage.



--- Janek Kozicki <janek_listy@xxxxx> wrote:

> > From what I could find all works. I noticed that
> > the cpu is 100% if the qglviewer is open, even if
> > nothing is displayed. It would be great if the
> > simulation could take advantage of a second cpu,
> as
> > well.
> we have some plans to deal with that (I have 4400+
> here), cross your fingers :)
> > Now, I would like to set up my own model. I guess
> it
> > is best studying the generated xml files first ?
> "set up my own model" is very unprecise. I see
> following interpreations:
> 1. prepare your own simulation using existing
> numerical models
> (unfinished lattice, FEM tetrahedron, or spherical
> DEM)
> 2. write your own numerical model (dunno what you
> are up to, maybe for
> example you want DEM with ellipsoids, or FEM with
> cubes?)
> 3. something else?
> Sorry that documentation about that stuff is not
> released yet. But I
> will help you, and together we will find out "most
> common questions" :)
> first examine .xml, then examine all classess
> derived from
> FileGenerator. You will want to write a new one.
> Then I'm waiting for more questions ;)
> -- 
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