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Re: help compiling


Hi !

I sent a private email with more details which may not
be interesting to the public.

Here is another issue. I experience regular lock-ups
which seem to freeze even the kernel. They may be
related to the viewer. As a test I compiled the
example application provided with libQGLviewer. The
examples there work fine. Any ideas ? Do you use the
Nvidia driver with the kernel module ?

What does the x-y diagram in the upper left corner
show when I press "f" in the viewer ?

Thanks for any help,


--- Janek Kozicki <janek_listy@xxxxx> wrote:

> > From what I could find all works. I noticed that
> > the cpu is 100% if the qglviewer is open, even if
> > nothing is displayed. It would be great if the
> > simulation could take advantage of a second cpu,
> as
> > well.
> we have some plans to deal with that (I have 4400+
> here), cross your fingers :)
> > Now, I would like to set up my own model. I guess
> it
> > is best studying the generated xml files first ?
> "set up my own model" is very unprecise. I see
> following interpreations:
> 1. prepare your own simulation using existing
> numerical models
> (unfinished lattice, FEM tetrahedron, or spherical
> DEM)
> 2. write your own numerical model (dunno what you
> are up to, maybe for
> example you want DEM with ellipsoids, or FEM with
> cubes?)
> 3. something else?
> Sorry that documentation about that stuff is not
> released yet. But I
> will help you, and together we will find out "most
> common questions" :)
> first examine .xml, then examine all classess
> derived from
> FileGenerator. You will want to write a new one.
> Then I'm waiting for more questions ;)
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