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Re: help compiling


--- Janek Kozicki <janek_listy@xxxxx> wrote:

> Andreas Plesch said:     (by the date of Mon, 24 Oct
> 2005 08:38:13 -0700 (PDT))
> > I sent a private email with more details which may
> not
> > be interesting to the public.
> please don't, unless it is really personal.
> I will replay to it on the list including a copy of
> that email in my
> reply. That is because your questions in that email
> were more than
> anything else here related to yade and DEM and the
> purpose of yade
> existence. I'm not the only person here that would
> give you interesting
> answers to that email. For example prof.Frederic
> Donze - who initiated
> whole this project could also answer something
> interesting. And every
> user that subscibed to this list would benefit from
> this exchange of
> opinions.

Please feel free to post my message. 
> > Here is another issue. I experience regular
> lock-ups
> > which seem to freeze even the kernel.
> > The lockups are apparently a known Nvidia driver
> issue
> > ("xid"). I upgraded to the latest version 
> > and it works better now. 
> yes, I know this problem, there is also a
> crash-nvidia program to
> download somewhere from nvidia forums. People can
> run it and see if
> their hardware/drivers combinationsis are prone to
> it. I experienced
> this problem a few times, finally got my graphics
> card replaced on the
> warranty. Hope it will be better now.

See my other email. The new driver seems to wrok a
little bit better, but I already got another lock-up.

> > What does the x-y diagram in the upper left corner
> > show when I press "f" in the viewer ?
> it's FPS. it is also Iterations Per Second, because
> currently it is
> displayed every iteration.

Ok, thanks. There is a x-y diagram with a Hz number
and a red line. I suppose y is fps and x is time ?

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