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Re: help compiling


> See my other email. The new driver seems to wrok a
> little bit better, but I already got another lock-up.

yes, because it is in fact hardware related. On some cards it works on
some - it doesn't. You can try OLDER drivers. IIRC it was driver number
56?? where that bug didn't exist. I replaced my card because one time it
had completely broke:


It was a good excuse to replace it. Now I hope that xvid problems will
be gone. I don't want to go back to older drivers, because in that
version nvidia-settings wasn't working.

> > > What does the x-y diagram in the upper left corner
> > > show when I press "f" in the viewer ?
> > 
> > it's FPS. it is also Iterations Per Second, because
> > currently it is
> > displayed every iteration.
> Ok, thanks. There is a x-y diagram with a Hz number
> and a red line. I suppose y is fps and x is time ?

yes, exactly :)

PS: can you set your mailer to wrap lines after 70 (or 75) characters?
Currently it is wrapping around 50 characters, and sometimes it is
difficult to read.

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