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loading a modified plugin fails



I want to add a moving vertical wall to
SDECSpheresPlane.cpp. I succeeded in modifying the
existing code to insert an additional box with
user defined extents and center position. Now I would
like to move it, kinematically, at a constant
velocity. Janek suggested:

> > so - I suggest you to modify SDECSpheresPlane.cpp,
> > by simply adding
> > another vertical plane, and attach it to a
> > TranslationEngine
> to see how to use TranslationEngine look at
> RotatingBox.cpp - there is
> used RotationalEngine

and I think I understand what is suggested. However,
when I insert the required code, the code compiles but
at run time, the SDECSpheresPlane plugin does not
load anymore.

load unsuccesfull : SDECSpheresPlane
Couldn't load everything, some stuff may work

Unfortunately, there is no more specific error

I narrowed down the offending piece to just one line:


When I just add this line to an unmodified
SDECSpheresPlane.cpp, the code compiles but
does not load anymore.

Any ideas ?

Best, Andreas

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