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Re: help compiling


Andreas Plesch said:     (by the date of Tue, 25 Oct 2005 13:35:48 -0700 (PDT))

> Thanks, your explanations are extremely helpful. You
> may want to reformat slightly and put this on the web
> page, probably after "first steps" or so.

I'll do that at the same time when I will put all of the documentation

> (what is se3?). 

Se3 is a Position/Orientation combo. Basically it's all a simple rigid
body may need to store its .. well - position and orientation. "Se3" is a
name used for that by people who work on 3D stuff.

Later it will be splitted, to two separate classess, because in some
cases Orientation is not used. (a mesh node for example, has no
orientation - it has only a position). I think it will be done along
with stuff codenamed ParametersSingleton, but no need to explain that

> I am very willing to give feedback and be generally
> helpful with things I can do.

Just do what you need/can/want ;) Everything is welcome :)

> I think it is would be great to have a FileGenerator
> which can read from a simpler format which encodes all
> of the interesting existing objects. But the xml is
> nice, too.

you can look at how small.sdec.xyz (or fem.beam) is loaded - nothing
particular - in fact it's a bunch of dirty code. You can do something
similar for your needs and load a file of your own.

> One may even think about a little script language
> which can control a simulation dynamically, e.g. while
> running.

this is an interesting idea. preferably instead of reinventing the wheel
I should look at C bindings to some of existing script languages (lua,
perl, python comes to mind).

> If is easy to do, I think a recording button would be
> a great enhancement to the qtgui simulation.

I agree :) Maybe just a "red-circle" record button on the control panel,
and another button to set recording options (like how often to save
.xml and how to name it)


(it'd be nice if you cut parts of the text to which you are not
replying, it saves a bit of scrolling through the email.)

> > in yade you will find them in
> > persistentInteractions,
> > volatileInteractions.
> volatile only exists until there is no more contact ?

yes, it's a spatial interaction.

> And persistant can exist without contact ?

exactly. Look inside MetaBody.cpp

> > so - I suggest you to modify SDECSpheresPlane.cpp,
> > by simply adding
> > another vertical plane, and attach it to a
> > TranslationEngine

to see how to use TranslationEngine look at RotatingBox.cpp - there is
used RotationalEngine

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