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Re: loading a modified plugin fails


On another note: Did you have a chance to contact the
author of the linking/bonding code/formulas ?

What kind of information you need?


----- Original Message ----- From: "Janek Kozicki" <janek_listy@xxxxx>
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Sent: Friday, November 04, 2005 4:01 PM
Subject: Re: [Yade-users] loading a modified plugin fails

Andreas Plesch said: (by the date of Thu, 3 Nov 2005 15:17:07 -0800 (PST))

The serialization works
great ! I would also gladly contribute the file
generator derived from SDECSpherePlane if there is

yes, I will gladly include it into yade! Just give it
another name, so it will not be in conflict with currently
existing name SDECSpheresPlane.

update: It turns out that the message went to the
moderator of the list for approval because with the
attachments it became too large.

yes, I had to approve it :) I hope that other subscibers
enjoy those pictures too!

I think it is more flexible
and fruitful to be able to stop the simulation at some
point, activate (add) an actor or remove one, and
restart. So it maybe worthwhile to think about a
simulation editor. It could be completely
non-graphical. Perhaps this is better
accomplished after binding a script language to
exposed c++ classes(?) and methods(?).

hm - in fact I have never tried doing such kind of binding, I was
writing about that, but I haven't tried that (yet) - so anyway either it
will have to wait - or - we will find another way to provide this
functionality, that you want :)

If you want to add/remove an actor you can open .xml with your favorite
text editor - (mine is vim, btw - there is a kdevelop vim plugin, called
kyzis, I'm using it all the time) - and edit actors list. This is a non
graphical way, and since .xml is pretty clear - this shouldn't be too

The only problem here - is to know what attributes each actor is using.
Until this information will land in documentation you have to determine
the perameters yourself (two ways to do that):

1. open that actor's .cpp file, and look what REGISTER_ATTRIBUTEs are
called, and do the same to all classes it is derived from (it is
important, otherwise it's base classes will have undefined attribute
values, which can lead to program crash).

2. or, modify some filegenerator to add this actor, then save it, then
look into .xml

the order of attributes is not important (like it should be in real XML
format), so checking what are registered attributes should be enough.

There is already a tool in yade to graphically design the actors list,
by clicking and dragging mouse - but it is still not finished. I think
that this one (when it is finished) should be sufficient for editing
actors. Also during the sumilation duration.

btw, actors will be renamed to engines in next release. We have renamed
from class Actor, to class Engine, but we forgot to change the
variable's name (actors) in MetaBody.

> save/load from QtGUI will be added quite soon.

great ! You had mentioned that the Null-gui will save
to .xml as well ?

NullGUI already can do that :) I was talking about that, but maybe in
unclear way ;) you only have to give parametr '-s' to say that you want
to save an .xml snapshot.

try running  ./yade -n -H

and you will see:

       -s number       - if specified, a snapshot is saved every 'number'
INTERVALs. Eg. if INTERVAL is 100, and 'number' is 5,
                         you will have a snpashot every 500th iteration.

and of course '-f filename.xml' to specify a file to load

On another note: Did you have a chance to contact the
author of the linking/bonding code/formulas ?

he didn't respond yet, perhaps he has a lot of causal PhD's student work
now. New semester has started last month ;)

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