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Re: loading a modified plugin fails


--- Janek Kozicki <janek_listy@xxxxx> wrote:

> Andreas Plesch said:     (by the date of Thu, 3 Nov
> 2005 15:17:07 -0800 (PST))
> > The serialization works
> > great ! I would also gladly contribute the file
> > generator derived from SDECSpherePlane if there is
> > interest.
> yes, I will gladly include it into yade! Just give
> it
> another name, so it will not be in conflict with
> currently
> existing name SDECSpheresPlane.

It took me way too long to rename things but here is
the directory with the FileGenerator which I called
SDECMovingWall. It is a tar archive which is meant to
be unpacked being in the trunk/ directory.

best, Andreas

Attachment: SDECMovingWall.tar.gz
Description: 4170541224-SDECMovingWall.tar.gz

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