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Re: moving wall, editor.


--- Janek Kozicki <janek_listy@xxxxx> wrote:

> > It took me way too long to rename things but here
> thanks! I will commit it immediatly! :)
> why did it took so much work, I thought it was just
> a matter of
> search'n'replace? no? But if you are talking about
> real-time, from your
> last post - then don't worry. Everyone has a life ;)

Well, both. I am not very used to work with larger
projects, and I wanted to make sure that it worked
with the latest svn version.

Please make sure it compiles with your version before
you submit it for inclusion.
> by .pro files I can see that you are working with
> latest SVN trunk?

yes. I see that you got rid of the kdevelop
directories. Good, I was confused which src
directories are the defnitive ones.

I do not know anything about svn (and not much about
cvs) except for the instructions on how to check out
the whole tree.

> I have some idea for editor, you can look here (and
> add your comments if
> you wish):
> http://developer.berlios.de/feature/?group_id=2432
> the crucial point here is that source code inside
> filegenerators will no
> longer have to be duplicated. (currently a function
> createSphere() is
> duplicated dozens of times), and instead of that -
> all of them will be
> mixable during runtime.
> After it gets done, making a new filegenerator will
> be much simpler and
> more rewarding.

sounds good but after reading the proposal I am not
100% what it is about.

For example, one reusable module in a file generator
could be randomly placing, non-overlapping spheres of
a size range in a given volume.

A scene xml editor could have the ability to define
groups of elements based on any of their properties
(say all below a certain y coordinate, or all with a
certain friction, or velocity). Then one could
redefine properties of a whole group. Or delete it. 

I still think it would be great to control yade with a
scripting language.

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