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Re: reloading scene after sphere interaction



ok, the reloading and restarting after a save works
for me as well now. I could not find obvious
differences in the saved xml, so what do the
additional REGISTER_ATTRIBUTE lines do if I may ask ?

This opens a way to have a scripted, flexible
workflow, which lets you create a scene, run it for a
while, perhaps with the NullGUI, perhaps monitoring
the position-orientation output, then save the
complete state, alter the xml to perhaps add elements
or change velocities, and restart the simulation. The
great thing that this could be automated, and run for
long periods. It would really nice then to have

hm, for that it would be good to have a way to tell a
running NullGUI instance of YADE to save and stop.
Perhaps there is already a way ? Stopping could be
just finding the PID and killing but saving ? I
apologize, I did not have a chance to use the NullGUI.

I think I will now figure out how to create rotated
boxes for oblique configurations, as described in an
earlier thread.

Great work !


--- Janek Kozicki <janek_listy@xxxxx> wrote:

> > simulation controller. Here is the problem. When I
> > load a saved xml scene, it loads fine but
> restarting
> > the simulation makes spheres disappear into
> nirvana.
> yes, your diagnosis was correct. I simply added
> several
> REGISTER_ATTRIBUTE in ElasticContactParameters and
> SpheresContactGeometry.
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