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Help in SDECImpactTest



I'm a new user of Yade and Linux. After some tries and helps, I've installed the software and ran it without any problem for a few examples, except the example SDECImpactTest. I generated the .xml, clicked in 'NewSimulation' and loaded the .xml in 'Simulation Controller->Current Simulation', but I have problems, because in 'Primary View' I see the box with red spheres in rest, all the time, i.e., nothing happens.

What can I do? What should happen with the spheres in this example? Do the spheres move?

More... In 'SDECImpactTest Parameters' I don't understand this:
forceRecordFiles: ../data/force
positionRecordFiles: ../data/position
velocityRecordFiles: ../data/velocities

If I click in 'New Simulation' and load the .xml, the archives fonte, position and velocities are create in ~/data and they are empty. What can I do for execute SDECImpactTest correctly?

Thanks a lot.


* Aline Soterroni                                         *
* Mestranda em Computação Aplicada - CAP                  *
* Laboratório Associdado Computação e Matemática Aplicada *
* Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais - INPE        *
* Fone: (12) 3945-6975                                    *
* email: aline.soterroni@xxxxxxxxxxx                      *

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