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Re: Help in SDECImpactTest


Aline Soterroni said:     (by the date of Wed, 26 Apr 2006 15:38:34 -0300)

> What can I do? What should happen with the spheres in this example? Do 
> the spheres move?

they move, but very slowly. This simulation takes few days to complete.

> More... In 'SDECImpactTest Parameters' I don't understand this:
> forceRecordFiles: ../data/force
> positionRecordFiles: ../data/position
> velocityRecordFiles: ../data/velocities

Into those files average force, position, and velocity are recorded,
every 100th (recordIntervalIter) iteration.
> If I click in 'New Simulation' and load the .xml, the archives fonte, 
> position and velocities are create in ~/data and they are empty. What 
> can I do for execute SDECImpactTest correctly?

It runs correctly. It's just very slow.

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