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Re: Help in SDECImpactTest


Janek Kozicki a écrit :

Aline Soterroni said:     (by the date of Wed, 26 Apr 2006 15:38:34 -0300)

What can I do? What should happen with the spheres in this example? Do the spheres move?

they move, but very slowly. This simulation takes few days to complete.

If I click in 'New Simulation' and load the .xml, the archives fonte, position and velocities are create in ~/data and they are empty. What can I do for execute SDECImpactTest correctly?

It runs correctly. It's just very slow.


I think SdecImpactTest can be run faster. The default value of the time step is very low compared to the maximum acceptable one. It is possible to use the manual definition of the time step (don't forget to click the appropriate radio button) and choose a larger value of the time step (~0.0003s if I remember well).
This way, it is possible to see the movements of the spheres.


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