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Re: About SDEC packing


    Sure! I will give the most help I can if Yuannian wants to write
    something for this. I have one procedure in mind, I have already
    it in the past for 2D packing.
    This is not exactlly the same as the one from SDEC (mine is easier to
    code ;)).
Thanks a lot! As I'm not familiar with Linux system which
    the YADE runs on only, I've to write the code by myself. Currently
    I'm working on the sphere packing algorithm comparison. I tried
    the RCP (random close packing), but it seems the effect is not
    very good for my study. I'll try to combine the geometric and
    dynamic ways to realize this problem. By the way, which type of
    method you used for your 2D packing?
1/ Random generation in a box (without contact - without gravity).
2/ Radii expansion until one prescibed value of the confining pressure is reached
3/ Possibly : decreasing slowly the contact friction to densify the packing.

The packings obtained are homogeneous and isotropic, and you can choose the final porosity and the relative particle size distribution.
It is the only method I know that combine all those aspects.


Chareyre Bruno
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