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Re: glutInit() problem.


Ye Yonggeng said:     (by the date of Mon, 26 Jun 2006 19:42:31 +0200)

> The code you send to me works well, and all the glviewer examples works
> well. That means there is no problem about 3D rendering in my computer.
> And I can launch the window "Simulation player". :), ha, now I don't
> know whether it uses the same codes as the "new simulation" when it is
> launched.

Does Preprocessor->File Generator work? The result should be a file
/data/scene.xml with something inside.

We need to perform some troubleshooting, 

first run ./yade-scripts/setDebug

then compile yade *again* with flag -g
(make sure to execute before: make clean CXXFLAGS='...' INSTALLDIR='..' PREFIX_DIR='...')

like this:


if you used any other flags inside CXXFLAGS then use them as well,
separated by spaces. (for example: CXXFLAGS='-pthread -lpthread -g')

now when it is compiled, just before starting yade type:

  ulimit -c unlimited

when it crashes you will have a huge core file. run:

  gdb ./yade ./core

gdb will start, then type this command:


It will produce a backtrace of the crash, with line numbers. Send it
here, so I can see it.

Janek Kozicki                                                         |
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