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Re: glutInit() problem.


Janek Kozicki a écrit :

Ye Yonggeng said:     (by the date of Mon, 26 Jun 2006 11:18:46 +0200)

Hi, Janek,

Thank you for your advice, I get the latest version from svn and fix the
problem about boost lib.

When I compile with libQGLViewer-2.2.2-3, I have to change a function
name: GLSimulationPlayerViewer.cpp, setSnapshotFilename ->

yes, the new version of qglviewer changed the function name.


I see that the latest SVN include a fix for "setSnapshotFilename", based on the defined/undefined QGLVIEWER20.
This constant is not defined on my linux (debian sarge - with the same QGL version I always used) so Yade wont' compile. I had to define this constant in GLSimulationPlayerViewer.hpp,  it works, but is it what I am supposed to do? Is it possible to pass this flag with the "make" command?

With Kubuntu 6.06 - AMD64, I have a strange problem currently :  the simulation controller don't display correct values for number of time step, and value of time step, the manual setting of dt does not work. In fact, everything is as if this window do not communicate with Yade, except that the run/stop buttons works well! I have also a message like "unable to open device" or something like that, when starting Yade with QtGui (but Yade starts correctly after this). Unfortunatelly, I can't remember the exact message I had when starting. I will send more details in the evening.




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