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Re: call for code



I want to give you few tips about how to extract your work from yade

Assuming that you are using version downloaded from SVN:

This command will show you all the files that you have modified:

  svt st -q

But if you have ran ./yade-scripts/setRelease before, then you should
run now ./yade-scripts/setDebug, otherwise you will be flooded about
information that all .pro files have been modified.

Also it is sometimes useful to watch what you have done, following two
commands will do that:

  svn diff > temporary_file
  kompare ./temporary_file

If you don't have kompare, then you have to install it :) It's a very
useful program.

After that you can quickly decide what you will need to send to me. Also
you can (just like Bruno) compress whole dem package, and it will be
fine for me.

PS: Bruno I have ran your triaxial test that you have send to Yuannian,
it seems to work good. If you don't send me any updates I'll put this
version into the next release.

PSS: to Luc Scholtes - I'm really inetrested in your capillary law. You
can even send me just what you currently have. That's because the way
you have coded it directly affects the design changes I want to make to
how interactions are being habdled. (so that in next release your
solution will be possible to make in a clean way)

Janek Kozicki                                                         |
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